How to Increase Penis Size...Quickly and Easily!

3 Simple penis exercises to easily add inches and increase your staying power

Have you been thinking about how to increase penis size, but are unsure where to turn and who to trust? Want to add inches without trying expensive pills such as viagra, enzyte or extenze?

You are not alone! Millions of guys are going through the exact same thing, as they desperately search for a simple straight forward male enhancement method that's proven to work.

If your wondering how to increase penis length, then we have compiled some of the most popular and effective ways to enhance penis size, length, girth and thickness. Everything we talk about is completely natural and safe, and you will never put your health in danger by trying any of these out. 

1. Increasing penis size - length and girth: Jelqing

This is a tried and tested method to enlarge penis size using only your hands. It works by forcing more blood into the penis shaft, and is totally safe.
If you jelq everyday, for only a few minutes at a time, you will be gradually increasing penile size by expanding the chambers that fill with blood during an erection.

Jelqing is a very simple penis exercise, but highly effective! Start off by warming up your penis with a hot wrap, and then apply some high quality lubrication.

Now, put your thumb and forefinger on your left hand into an “OK” grip, grasp the base of your penis and push gently away from the body down to the end.

This increases the pressure in the shaft of the penis cause a gradual expansion of the tissues. Repeat the same motion alternating between your right and left hands.

Important penis enlargement note: Jelqing is the oldest of all P.E. exercises and is proven again and again to add inches when done regularly.

2. How to increase penis length: Manual stretching
The second penis exercise I want to tell you about is manual stretching. It's the easiest of the three, but highly effective for massive length gains and can be done through out the day; more on that later.

Stand upright, grabbing your flaccid penis head, and then pull it away from your body; gently at first. Once you have done that, hold it in that position for around 20 seconds, slowly increasing the tension of the pull.

After your first set, vigorously massage the head and shaft to get the blood flowing again.

Now repeat the process over again. Feel free to try different directions – left, right, upwards, downwards – and a vigorously massage after each time.

It is important to maintain maximum circulation to enhance penis growth.

Quick tip: I do these every time I go to the restroom, a quick 20 second stretch will get you to your goal that much faster!

3. Naturally increase penile size and stamina with PC contractions aka kegel exercises
If you are interested in increasing your staying power and producing rock hard erections that would make any woman's eye's bulge, then kegels are the perfect penis exercise to get you started.

The best way to do this exercise is the “long hold”, contract your PC muscle (between your anus and scrotum) and tense it as much as possible. While holding this position count to 5, and then let go and relax.

Take a 5 second break before starting all over again. See if you start out by doing this exercise a total of 10 - 15 times. In about a month you should be able to tense and hold it for around 10 seconds, and do many more repetitions.

Special "how to increase penis size" note: This exercise not only helps you attain a harder erections, it also enhances your staying power. Say bye bye to premature ejaculation and go all night long..

Just imagine...
If you were to enlarge penis length and girth, you would never have a woman laugh at the size of your manhood or fake an orgasm ever again.

Your days of feeling tense, anxious, frustrated and depressed would be gone...forever!

Imagine having the confidence to dominate any woman in the bedroom, have no shame in showing her your massive erect penis and smirk as you see the shock in her eyes.

All this is now possible, using ancient techniques that have helped millions of men achieve the penis size increase they've always dreamed of.

Now Listen:

Without a proper, well laid out, detailed plan; the maximum benefit of these exercises could never be achieved.

Following an endorsed penis exercise regimen could mean the difference between a 3 inch gain and you giving up in frustration.

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